The Elvis inte bara Rock n' Roll-Playlist 2011-10-17 @ Radio Vättervåg 98,5 Mhz

1. 'Hot Dog'
2. 'Don't leave me now (Loving You Session)'
3. 'I need You so'
4. 'When it rains it really pours'
5. 'I want to be free'
6. 'Don't leave me now (Jailhouse Rock Session)'

The B:sides-Playlist 2011-10-17 @ Radio Vättervåg 98,5 Mhz

This week: Ronnie Scott~special

1. 'Ow!'
2. 'I didn't know what time it was'
3. 'September song'
4. 'Galaxy'
5. 'Ool-Ya-Koo'
6. 'A night in Tunisia'
7. 'With every breath I take'
8. 'Jordu'
9. 'All the things You are'
10. 'Scott's expedition'
11. 'Don't blame me'
12. '52nd street theme'
13. 'Idabop'
  • all from Boppin' with Scott-box

  • This weeks BibleVers:
    "Therefore God give thee of the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine:
    Let people serve thee, and nations bow down to thee: be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother's sons bow down to thee: cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee."
    ~ Genesis 27:28-29

    Drink Espresso - God bless U! /MrZ :)
    Soli Deo Gloria