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You know,
it’s a Thunder Road outthere,
and You can get Blinded by the Light,
but You know,
I was Born in a Lucky Town,
My Hometown,
in Darlington County,
in the U.S.A. - the Promised Land.

maybe I was Born to Run,
So I run into the Darkness on the Edge of the Town.
There I Dancing in the Dark,
and I run into the Tunnel of Love
and there I found Devils & Dust.
Now I’m going down to the River,
and into the River I dive,
and I got Stones in my Mouth,
and I almost get Lost in the Flood.
It was a Lonesome Day with Empty Sky,
and I found my City in Ruins.
It feels like when You’re Alone on Valentine’s Day…

I’m a Hitch Hikin’ Wayfarer.
I’m a Rocker in a Stolen Car,
I Drive Fast,
I Drive All Night
in the Pink Cadillac
I found on that Backstreets Cadillac Ranch.
And now,
Somewhere North of Nashville,
in Sleepy Joe’s Café,
in the Sundown,
I see the Western Star.
And I Fade Away
in this Badlands,
like a Wreck on the Highway
in some Jungleland …

af LennArrrt
inspired of words from Bruce Springsteen

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