~ 📓 VersEon 📓 ~

It all started with THE GHOST ON THE B-SIDE,
a textDUBarticle by Jeff Noon.
I thought that was kind of a funky idea.
Off I'd went to Lazarus event.
Hmmm... maybe, if I take some songtitles by Bob Dylan and mix them ...
Oohhffff ... I got me self a chaotic tXtmiX.
I went on over to Spotify and made a playlist of the chaos.
And then I started to read the chaos ...
... and, naaa, this is really ...
... noise ...
So back to Lazarus for a second time.
All text in the mix.
Poff!! 🈯 Dub Me!
Now I got me a version that,
after some reading, rereading & moveArounding,
I published this Slow Edge of the Country Pie.
Or, no,
the first second version had as line 9:
My the Heart

created & © by: Mr Z