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the Old Man and the Blue Moon
formerly known as **The Wanderer's Lament**


The old man sat by the fire, his face weathered and lined like the furrows of a well-plowed field. His eyes, deep and blue, held the secrets of a thousand distant lands. His name was Jack, and he had wandered the world, seeking solace and meaning in its vast expanse.

Jack was a drifter, a nomad, and his heart was tied to the endless horizon. He had walked the slow edge of the country pie, feeling the wind against his weather-beaten skin. He had seen the blue moon rise over desolate landscapes, and the covenant woman hero blues that had stirred his restless soul.

All he had brought with him were memories and regrets, like high water flowing relentlessly, leaving nothing untouched. His heart, burdened by the weight of the journey, longed for a home, a place to belong.

One cold night, as the highlands road stretched out before him, he stumbled upon an American boy, lost and shivering. Jack's heart stirred with compassion as he saw a reflection of himself in the boy's tearful eyes.

"All I bring is a while love and a baby," the boy whispered, clutching a tattered photograph close to his chest.

Jack's resolve softened, and he took the boy under his wing. Together, they braved the dark and treacherous paths, finding warmth in each other's company. Jack taught the boy the final theme of night, the art of survival in a world that can be both cruel and kind.

In time, they found themselves in a small town where Christmas lights adorned every street, and the scent of fresh pine filled the air. The townsfolk welcomed them with open arms, and Jack felt a glimmer of hope in his weary heart.

The boy's eyes sparkled with wonder as they stood before the grand Christmas tree. "Are we too far from shore, Jack?" he asked, searching for reassurance.

"No, my boy," Jack replied, his voice gentle like the first snowfall. "We've found a safe harbor, a place to call home."

As the years passed, Jack and the boy became a part of the town's fabric, their stories woven into the tapestry of the community. They shared their experiences, their highs and lows, with the townsfolk who embraced them as their own.

The boy grew into a fine young man, his heart filled with gratitude for the wanderer who had become his father figure. And Jack found a sense of purpose he had never known before, watching the boy flourish under his care.

As the final days of Jack's life approached, he gazed out at the town he had come to love. The memories of his travels, the people he had met, and the places he had seen, all melded into a single, poignant emotion.

"You know," he said to the boy, who had now grown into a man, "life is like a Dylan's blues song. Full of twists and turns, highs and lows. But in the end, it's the journey that matters most."

The man nodded, understanding the depth of his mentor's wisdom. "I'm grateful for the journey, Jack. And I'm grateful for you."

With a smile, Jack closed his eyes for the last time, knowing that he had found his place in the world. His heart had finally found its rest, and he was at peace.

The town mourned the loss of the wanderer, a man who had become a part of their souls. They gathered by the fire, sharing stories of Jack, the drifter who had found his way home.

And so, the legacy of Jack the wanderer lived on, etched in the hearts of those who had been touched by his presence. For (t)his one-page story was not just his own; it was a tale of love, redemption, and the indomitable spirit of the human soul.


af LennArrrt + ChatGPT 3.5
under a heavy influence of 2 Nobel Prize Winners (1954 & 2016)

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